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Top Game Developers Studios in Bandung

Looking for the top gaming developers in Bandung?

Choosing the top game developers in Bandung can be a very difficult path. Here are some of the best gaming studios, along with important data about each one. Find the recognized game developer for your needs.


Bring Indonesian culture and content into digital entertainment world, especially mobile games.

Headquarters: Jl. Bakti no. 35, Sukajadi Bandung West Java, Indonesia

Phone: +62 22 204 3459

Agency Email:

Video Games: Roly Poly Penguin, Slapillar, Temple Rush: Prambanan


Agate Studios

Agate Studio was founded in 2009 and quickly grew to be the largest game development company in Indonesia. We believed in the power of games to spread positivity and happiness to the world. Now, with 70+ crews as of June …

Garuda Studio

Garuda Studio is a Bandung – Indonesia based studio building Amazing Games and Mobile Apps. Garuda Games is a team full of dreamers. With expertise across all the major platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows phone). Our passion is to bring …