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Top Game Developers Studios in Asia

Looking for the top gaming developers in Asia?

Choosing the top game developers in Asia can be a very difficult path. Here are some of the best gaming studios, along with important data about each one. Find the recognized game developer for your needs.

Warlock Arts

We are an Ankara based company, specialized in Game Development. Our services include:

– Game development in Unity & Unreal Engine for multiple platforms ( mobile:ios,android,windows phone / consoles:PS3,PS4,PSVita / PC & MAC ) – Technical Visualization (Realtime and PreRendered) …

TaleWorlds Entertainment

TaleWorlds Entertainment is an independent video game development company located in Ankara, Turkey. Founded in 2005 by Armağan Yavuz after starting work in game development as a hobby. Known for its leading “Mount&Blade” game franchise, TaleWorlds is one of the …

Jelly Button Games

Founded in 2011, Jelly Button Games is a free-to-play mobile game company based in Tel Aviv. Jelly’s “Mingle Player Experience” has combined the effects of the classic singleplayer and multiplayer environments, resulting in very strong viral success worldwide. All stages …

Corbomite Games

Corbomite Games is a young and innovative independent Israeli game developer, located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Corbomite Games aims to create content rich, highly narrative games, appealing to the mass audience while concentrating on current untapped identified niches in the game market. We are utilizing the …

Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions Co., Ltd. is a Japanese video game development studio founded in 2005 by video game designer Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series.


Bring Indonesian culture and content into digital entertainment world, especially mobile games.

Headquarters: Jl. Bakti no. 35, Sukajadi Bandung West Java, Indonesia

Phone: +62 22 204 3459

Agency Email:

Video Games: Roly Poly Penguin, Slapillar, Temple Rush: Prambanan


Agate Studios

Agate Studio was founded in 2009 and quickly grew to be the largest game development company in Indonesia. We believed in the power of games to spread positivity and happiness to the world. Now, with 70+ crews as of June …

Csharks Games

Based at Kochi, Kerala, India we have been consistently delivering casual game content to game portals world over. Enriched with game industry experience of more than 10 creative years, Csharks has been providing game development services in different platforms and …

Walnut Games

Walnut games is an independent studio which has been setup with the purpose of producing games for the next generation platform and devices. Created as an offshoot of Isis Design Services, which is a 12 year old setup with significant …

RZ2 Games

RZ2 Games is a pioneer in the development of unique and technically sophisticated gaming applications. Our gambling products cover the entire online spectrum from Poker to Sports Betting and full on Casinos. RZ2 Games’ products have passed the scrutiny of …